Mr. Erwin will have a parole hearing on
August 1, 2014and the parole board
will decide whether to keep Erwin in
jail, or release him early into the

The parole board will accept letters
from concerned citizens, like you.

Dedicated to the life and memory of Aaron Cochran
We seek to honor the life of our beloved Aaron through
this website and the people that loved him.

Aaron loved life, loved aviation, and loved his friends
and family.  He is sorely missed by all those who knew

Please take a few moments and view the pictures
celebrating Aaron's life and times.

Aaron's murderer was denied parole.

Thank you to everyone that sent letters
to the parole board. Every letter makes
a difference because you represent the
community that is at risk by this
inmate's release.

Aaron's family testified again in front of
the parole board on August 7, 2014.
This is always a heart-wrenching
experience to retell the events from that
awful night.

The board set the next parole eligibility
hearing for 5 years in the future, which
is the maximum allowed and is the
decision we were hoping for.

Samuel Levi Erwin is currently in prison for the 1988
murder of Aaron Cochran. His next parole
hearing will determine how much longer he stays in jail.
We don't have an exact date for the parole hearing yet,
but it will be in
August of 2019.
Aaron on video

There are a few precious moments
from Aaron's life captured on
videotape.  We have preserved
these images the best we could.
These videos were taken during
Aaron's Junior year at Fort Osage
High School, 1987 to 1988.
Aaron Cochran

February 12, 1971 - August 20, 1988
"Now I can fly."
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